Blessing Angel DollsTM

The PRL's Blessing Angel Dolls are HANDCRAFTED in Atlanta, GA!

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The Blessing Angel Doll(TM) is based on one made by my grandmother.

She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's several years ago

and sadly, she passed away in May 2013.

Our Blessing Angel Dolls make great gifts. Such a sweet way to spread some love,

show someone you care and share a little hope all while doing a little good.

Every Blessing Angel Doll(TM) is handcrafted in Atlanta, GA
with loving memories of my grandmother, Ella Mae.

Each doll is individually made. As such, no two will be exactly alike.

We donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Blessing Angel Doll(TM) to Alzheimer's research, awareness, education and treatment.

The poem below is attached to every Blessing Angel Doll(TM)

Not Recommended for Children Under 10 Years of Age

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Poem included with every Blessing Angel Doll
Fun Blessing Angel Doll


An Angel Full of Cheer

Awareness Ribbon Blessing Angel Doll

Awareness Ribbons

An Angel Full of Hope

Thank You Blessing Angel Doll

Thank You

An Angel to Show You Care